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  • KakaoTalk Notifications for WooCommerce

    When you make a purchase online, you expect to get an email confirmation for it. Most WooCommerce stores will also send you shipping notifications and updates if anything goes wrong with your purchase. However, email isn’t the only channel that you can use to send WooCommerce notifications.

  • Why I Switched from WPML to Polylang

    Part of the beauty of e-commerce is that business owners can take their products international and sell to customers all over the world. However, in order to fully take advantage of this opportunity, they need their online stores to be both multilingual and well-optimized for performance. I’ve helped many of my clients translate their WooCommerce […]

  • How to set up recurring WooCommerce Korean Payments

    Given the rise of subscription boxes, online publications, and e-businesses in general, being able to easily enable recurring payments for your WooCommerce site is quite handy. However, this task becomes tricker to accomplish when your audience prefers a currency and payment gateway other than USD and Stripe or PayPal…

  • How to optimize your WooCommerce site for korean audiences

    For the past seven years, I’ve lived and worked in South Korea. As a full-stack developer who’s been creating digital solutions for companies in Europe and Asia for over ten years, I noticed some serious challenges when it comes to the Korean e-commerce market…